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Karcher Carpet Cleaner BRS 43 500 C
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27 Jul 2016
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Provides exceptional cleaning results and leaves carpets dry enough to re-entry in only 20 minutes. Using encapsulation technology the machine cleans carpets thoroughly with the minimum of effort and downtime.

Standard accessories:

  • Working direction forward or
  • backwards
  • iCapsol mode
  • On-board iCapsol tank
  • Number of rollers 2 piece(s)

Technical data
Area performance (basic cleaning/intermediate
cleaning "iCapsol") (m2/h) 300
Air flow rate -
Vacuum -
Spray pressure, interim cleaning (bar) 3.4
Spray pressure deep cleaning -
Spray rate, interim cleaning (l/min) 0.38
Spray rate deep cleaning -
Brush working width (mm) 430
Vacuum working width -
Fresh / waste water tank l 7.5
Turbine power rating -
Brush motor power rating (W) 370
Weight (kg) 25
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 400x460x1160

Kärcher’s interim carpet cleaner BRS 43/500 C provides exceptional cleaning results. Interim cleaning works by spraying the carpet with water and detergent, agitating with counter-rotating brushes and vacuuming 20 minutes later with an upright vacuum cleaner. The carpet is then ready for re-entering. By using Kärcher’s innovative Fast Drying Carpet Cleaner RM 768 detergent, which encapsulates dirt particles to separate them from the carpet fibres, the interim process is highly effective and gives amazing results quickly.
Features & Benefits
2 contra-rotating rollers - Ensures uniform floor contact also on uneven surfaces.
Simultaneously cleans deep into the pile from two sides and aligns in one direction.
High cleaning performance due to high contact pressure.
Includes waste container.
Cleaning fibres and sweeping in a single operation.

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