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Karcher Carpet Cleaner BRC 45 45C
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27 Jul 2016
1 unit


Deep and interim carpet cleaning in one machine.

Standard accessories:

  • Working direction forward or
  • backwards
  • iCapsol mode
  • Number of rollers 2 piece(s)

Technical data
Area performance (basic cleaning/intermediate
cleaning "iCapsol") (m2/h) 350-1000
Air flow rate l/s 45
Vacuum (mbar/kPa) 300/30
Spray pressure, interim cleaning (bar) 3.5
Spray pressure deep cleaning (bar) 7
Spray rate, interim cleaning -
Spray rate deep cleaning (l/min) 3.2
Brush working width (mm) 410
Vacuum working width (mm) 450
Fresh / waste water tank (l) 45/38
Turbine power rating (W) 1100
Brush motor power rating (W) 600
Weight (kg) 48
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 770x545x1250

The BRC 45/45 C offers two functions in one machine. As well as giving superb deep cleaning results in a single pass, the 45/45 can be used for interim two-stage cleaning - providing fast, efficient cleaning of carpets with very short drying times. Using Kärcher’s fast drying carpet cleaner RM 768 detergent, medium-larged area carpets can be cleaned and are ready for vacuuming within 20 minutes.
Features & Benefits
Floating brush head with contra-rotating roller brushes - Ensures uniform floor contact also on uneven surfaces.
Simultaneously cleans deep into the pile from two sides.
Two roller brushes for high cleaning performance.
Working direction, forwards or backwards - Cleaning direction selectable by folding push handle.
Ergonomic working position for carpet cleaning – forwards and backwards.
Working direction adjustable to carpet.

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