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Karcher Carpet Cleaner PW 30 1
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27 Jul 2016
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Additional power brush for Puzzi 300 S which increases the basic output about 35 %.

Technical data
Vacuum (mbar/kPa) -
Fresh / waste water tank -
Turbine power rating (W) -
Brush motor power rating (W) 60
Weight (kg) 5.9
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 350x260x835

The PW 30/1 power brush has been developed as an optional accessory for the Puzzi 300 S to intensify the deep-cleaning process. This power brush enhances the normal cleaning performance by about 35 %. It enables you to spray, brush and vacuum in a single pass. With the larger working width of 315 mm (235 mm for PW 10) which means a 25 % higher area performance, the PW 30/1 is a clearly more effective cleaning system with outstanding cleaning results in connection with Puzzi 300 S.
Features & Benefits
Rotating brushes - Rotating brushes intensify cleaning and raise the carpet pile.
Improved cleaning performance - The PW 30/1 professional power brush increases cleaning performance by a further 25% compared to its predecessor.

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