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Karcher Parts Cleaning PC 100 M2 Bio
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Environmentally friendly, manual parts cleaner

Standard accessories:

  • Brush (pervaded with cleaning agent)
  • Tap
  • Water level control

Technical data
Pressure bar/MPa 0.3/0.03
Flow rate l/h 900
Connection output (kW) 1
Working diameter (mm) -
Working area (mm) 1041-660
Usable height -
Housing / frame HDPE – plastic
Tested by CE, GS
Heat output (kW) 1
Max. temperature (°C) 40
Adjustable cleaning time -
Load capacity (kg) 100
Sound pressure level (db(A)) 58
Tank capacity (l) 80
Number of phases (Ph) 1
Frequency (Hz) 50-60
Voltage (V) 220-240
Weight (kg) 44
Dimensions (D x W x H) (mm) 952x1181x1067

Kärchers's new PC 100 M2 Bio part cleaners use state of the art microbiological technology to provide excellent cleaning results without the cost and safety issues of traditional solvent-based cleaners.
Biological parts cleaners differ to solvent-based systems by using a non toxic and PH neutral solution that doesn't need replacing or disposal. They also use a microbiological filter mat to trap larger dirt particles and provide the cleaning solution with new microbes for consistently effective and safe cleaning. These innovative biological parts cleaners are ideal for removing oil and grease from tools, engine components and other parts up to a weight of 100kg. Made from impact resistant plastic, this simple to use, safe and versatile unit is an ideal method of cleaning parts.

Features & Benefits
Convenient, safe, and economical
Ergonomically arranged working area. High-quality, robust and durable materials guarantee a long service life.
Replaceable filter mat - Cleanliness guaranteed: for the filtration of fine particles up to 50 μm and releasing fresh microbes. The
metal strainer pre-filter removes fine and coarse dirt.

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