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Single Disc BDS 43 180C
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Very robust and powerful single disc machine with maintenance-free planet carrier for virtually all cleaning
tasks in contract cleaning.
Standard accessories:
Tank, optional 10 ltr

Technical data
Working width (mm) 432
Working height (mm) 90
Intake performance (W) 1400
Motor rating, additional -
Brush speed rpm 180
Sound level (dB(A)) 61
Frequency Hz 50
Voltage V 230
Weight (kg) 43.5
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 660x430x1180

The robust single disc machine BDS 43/180 C with maintenance-free, all-metal planet carrier and powerful 1400 W motor is ideal for thorough cleaning of hard and resilient floors and textile coverings, as well as for sanding parquet floors. With a working width of 430 mm, the machine can be used for most applications in contract cleaning. Outstanding value for money.

Features & Benefits
Very low deck - Reaches under furniture and radiators.
Powerful motor - High torque for efficient cleaning.
Extremely robust and durable design.
Metal planetary gear drive.
Quiet, durable and maintenance-free - Whisper quiet
Can also be used in noise-sensitive areas (e.g. hotel, hospital or office)
Extensive range of accessories - Accessories tailored to the application case, e.g. tank size, brushes in different hardness degrees, pad drive boards, different pads, microfibre pad, diamond pads, etc.
Systematic cleaning: Ideal accessories for every application

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